Fahrenheit 11/9” is either the most important film of the Fall or more edutainment garbage from Michael Moore. Life is funny that way. While watching the movie, I had this persistent thought throughout the presentation. People are not going to be mature about this one. That’s sad after the rather fun return to his classic form with “Where To Invade Next”. But, what does this trip back to the GOP scare well have to offer?

What has changed since Fahrenheit 9/11 landed in theaters in 2004? Well, we’ve seen the Neo Cons go from infancy to full-fledged Russian tinged nightmare scenario. The GOP is feasting upon itself, while America treads into a plot that wouldn’t have been out of place on “24”. All the while, Michael Moore sees a chance to return to relevancy by latching onto the latest nightmare Republican. Mind you that he does have the right idea with the return of the much better “TV Nation” on TBS this fall. But, if “Crazy Rich Asians” taught us anything…people still have an unhealthy obsession with theatrical bows.


When Michael Moore focuses on tangible issues like the Flint water crisis and the teen activists emerging from the Parkland shooting, he does well. However, Fahrenheit 11/9 stumbles when it gets into Hitler rhetoric and trying to approach Trump. 2004 was so long ago that it doesn’t even feel like it belongs in this century. Moore taking two years on a documentary feels quaint when compared to constant leaks, NY Times editorials and the never-ending romp of Impeachment Twitter. The audience has moved beyond Moore and he shows no desire to follow them.

A month or so ago, we were treated to the last D’Souza film and I made mention of how that documentary was propaganda. Well, this release isn’t too far off. Michael Moore seems to be aware of his trips into that territory and leans away from making bold claims. Then, it’s back to positing Trump as a Hitler figure. What keeps Moore from delving too deep into these thoughts are his push to squeeze a talking head interview during every slow spot of the film.

Hate Moore if you want, but the guy knows narrative. It’s just that a documentary requires more to making it sparkle for the cheap seats.


  • 2 hrs and 8 mins
  • R
  • Briarcliff Entertainment


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