“Faces Places” was my favorite documentary of last year. I appreciate the hell out of “Icarus”, but it didn’t hold my attention like this loving outing for Varda. JR is a street artist that I didn’t before the documentary. However, Agnes Varda is an international film legend. I discovered her work while trying to find out more about her husband Jacques Demy. Thanks to the Criterion Collection’s early interest in Varda’s movies, it made the process that much easier.

Still, how did that translate from the arthouse to a rural photography tour? Make no mistake that this documentary is still an art movie. But, the aging Varda seems to be hinting that this photo trip is her last big outing. Varda is losing her eyesight and is relying on photos to serve as her last memories of the land she loves. JR shares in Varda’s love of the rural French people, but they never try to identify with certainty.

While a traveling documentary about the common folk won’t play everywhere, it’s really special. Modern entertainment goes out of its way to avoid the vulgarity of common living. The fact that ordinary people can have their story heard in a way that doesn’t evoke reality television matters.


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The Plot Thus Far

Director Agnes Varda and photographer/muralist J.R. journey through rural France and form an unlikely friendship.

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