Eye See You

A brutal serial killer is targeting cops, and detective Jake Malloy is on the warpath. But now the killer is making it personal, and this dedicated agent is twisted in an emotional nightmare. Time is running out, and so are the options, as Malloy engages in an extreme game of cat-and-mouse with a killer who won't be stopped.
Video - 7.9
Audio - 8
Movie - 6.6
Special Features - 8

Eye See You aka D-Tox was an early 00s movie that aimed high and fell low. Based on a semi popular 90s novel, Eye See You was about a serial killer targeting cops in the dead of winter. Stallone continued to play against type in this Post Cop Land, Pre Driven era. The problem is that audiences weren’t willing to accept him as something else just yet.

eye see you 11

Sylvester Stallone leads a cast with Tom Berenger and Charles Dutton bringing the goods. While I’m a fan of rediscovering underseen movies, there is a reason why this movie fell by the wayside. It’s a very small movie that almost doesn’t feel like it warranted a theatrical release. More than anything, Eye See You plays like an extended TV movie.

eye see you 10

The Blu-ray comes with 8 deleted scenes that are only in standard definition. Plus, you get interviews, the workprint cut, photo gallery and trailer. That’s a lot of special features for a movie that not enough people saw. I dig this approach from the MVD Marquee Collection and I hope they keep it up.

Eye See You is now available!

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