John Carpenter knows nothing of the future and it doesn’t matter. What can I tell you about the film that time and the lesser “Escape from L.A.” didn’t tell you. Snake Plissken is a war vet turned criminal who gets nabbed after a bank robbery. The government infects him with a virus to force him to infiltrate the New York City prison complex to find the President. Isaac Hayes shows up as the villainous Duke of New York in what was surely his greatest performance. Donald Pleasence still remains my favorite in the film as the gutless President.

Snake Plissken is everything that has ruined modern geek culture. But, let’s take a step back and adore the character at a point when he was fresh. A badass growling his lines, while working to tell a story blending Western aesthetic with the best of Dystopian Sci-Fi. It was lightning in a bottle that could never be captured twice. Every moment of this film is a visual treat that entertains those that can enjoy those darker and dirtier moments of cult cinema.

The Blu-Ray comes with trailers, the original opening, featurettes, photo galleries and tons of material compiled over the years alongside some new interviews for the special features. Plus, you get the insane amount of commentaries recorded over the years including a new track with Adrienne Barbeau and Cinematographer Legend Dean Cundey. The sticking point is that 2K restoration. I’m a visual snob, but I’m willing to cut a break when one is allowed. However, I can’t tell that any restoration work was completed. The differences between this release and the standalone MGM release that FOX dropped a few years ago is incredibly minimum. However, the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track is a revelation. Mixing the original audio elements into something that works in the modern setting is stunning. The release is a must for any Carpenter fan, which means that 99% of our readers will buy it.

Release Date: 04/21/15

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