Enter to win a Digital HD copy of "Game of Thrones: Season 8" 5

Enter to win a Digital HD copy of Game of Thrones: Season 8.


That’s it. Honestly, we’re not going to surprise you with anything. Other than that, the fact that AndersonVision wasn’t always the biggest fans of Game of Thrones. We dug it when they broke away from the source novels, as that crap was garbage written for neckbeards to disguise the fact that they wouldn’t know literature if it bit them on the ass.

As always, you know where to send your complaints.

For now, I wish to discuss the best HBO show that ever existed. It was called Arliss and it elevated Robert Wuhl to the level of demi-God. If you are unfamiliar with Robert Wuhl, we would recommend heading to HBO Now and getting familiar with the greatest actor to play the greatest sports agent that ever existed.

Arliss Game of Thrones



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