Enigma is the little-seen World War II movie that time forgot

Enigma is another Cold War thriller about a micro-processor that the Soviets and Americans will kill over. Brigitte Fossey is the woman torn between her two lovers that work on each side of the Cold War conflict. Spycraft, danger and espionage all reign supreme, as you never know who you can trust.

Let it never be said that Jeannot Szwarc made an interesting movie. However, this film comes the closest out of the Szwarc library. Sam Neill and Martin Sheen play so well off each other that you almost forget about Fossey. While that sounds bad, damn if it isn’t the truth.

I’m loving that the MVD Marquee Collection is deep diving into many studios’ backlogs to revive certain films that fall between the cracks. Enigma and films like that would never get a proper release from other outlets. However, MVD understands collectors and what they want.

The special features include a trailer and a photo gallery. In this day and age, I still don’t understand how a photo gallery could be considered a special feature. Most of them are ports saved from the DVD days. It’s not the worst thing, but whatever helps gets these movies released.

Enigma is available April 9th

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