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“Encirclement” is a look at how the neo-liberal movement is kinda undermining financial independence from the country. The documentary was originally produced in 2008, but it hits upon several big points that permeate into 2017. Basically, you can’t have a one-size-fits-all attitude when it comes to governance. Plus, you can’t set unrealistic goals on a financial institution and expect the agency to survive.

Oncle Bernard and Noam Chomsky pop in to give their opinions, but most of the material is very typical for economic students. The main biting point it keeps making is that dogma can’t become propaganda. When that happens, dialogue ends and nothing can move forward. Is any of this sounding familiar? It’s kinda scary.

In 2008, Western economics were telling audiences that you can’t politicize societal fundamentals without jeopardizing forward progress. The Soviets did that under Stalin and undermined the Communist Revolution before it could develop. But, what do you do when a modern audience won’t accept the concept of an Invisible Hand anymore? It’s a decade later and nobody can answer that. So, pick up this documentary and become frightened by Encirclement.


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