“Empire of the Ants” has Joan Collins fighting against Ants alongside Chris Pine’s dad. The effects are terrible for the late 70s, but there’s kitschy fun to be had. If you can’t look past the soap opera level acting, then you’re not going to enjoy yourself. Hell, there are giant portions of the film that make “Land of the Lost” look like it was shot by Terence Malick. The film had the decency to end quickly, so there’s that.

“Jaws of Satan” is a charming look at how killer snakes almost slaughtered Christina Applegate as a child. Fritz Weaver cranks up the dramatic tension scale as a Priest who believes that these killer snakes are the embodiment of Satan. He’s crazy, as they’re just escaped snakes from a circus train wreck. People die by the dozens at a local dog track, as the townspeople fight to survive. I love the original one sheet of the film, but I can’t say that the movie is amazing. But, I love it when these genre pictures are god awful.

The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary on “Empire of the Ants” as the only special feature. The A/V Quality is amazing for two films of this age. The transfers are smooth as silk with minor print damage. The DTS-HD mono track is appropriate for its age. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to cult cinema fans.

Release Date: 05/26/15

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