DVD Thoughts: Slice, Wandering Muse, The Dark, Here and Now

DVD Thoughts: Slice, Wandering Muse, The Dark, Here and Now 3


Slice is a film that I’ve been waiting months to see. Now that I’ve seen it…I loved it. What isn’t there to love? A quirky Urban tale about an insane world where ghosts, werewolves and witches feast upon the normies. Pizza delivery squads are tasked with hunting down the supernatural. You get the amazing Zazie Beetz killing it as a lead in what has to be the best 2018 on film for a young lady. Plus, Chance the Rapper is an amazing actor.

Too many fly-by critics wanted to call it schlock or defend its modern campiness. Honestly, fuck ’em. The inability for certain aspects of the cultural review collective to look deep at genre entertainment is annoying. What writer/director Austin Vesely has done in his debut is make the kind of movie that makes film fans.

Hell, I want a sequel or a TV series now. I want more of the Slice world. Fulfill my need for humorous yet complex monster movies, A24!

The Wandering Muse

The Wandering Muse is another one of those music documentaries that I enjoy. The films plays rather longer than most of this documentaries. However, I guess that examining the Jewish identity in Music takes time. Starting through central Europe and Russia, it’s amazing to see how deep into World Music that the Jewish sound goes. I thought they were going to overlook the impact in Central Africa, but boom it’s there. Plus, the DVD packages in another 45 minutes of content to follow-up on questions from the main documentary.

Honestly, I feel this is a great start to a larger subject. What is it going to take to get a full series about musical cultural origins?

The Dark

The Dark doesn’t care to make sense of its monsters. Is the girl a zombie? Why does the blind boy look like that? For an indie movie, it has got me hooked with those visuals. But, why can’t I look away from these kids? To say that the film builds off the legacy of Let The Right One In is an understatement. But, it’s also a way different downbeat movie.

I know that some readers will not enjoy watching kids suffer and struggle to survive against the elements. Then, there’s the fact that the blind kid was taken to this wooded area by a kidnapping scumbag. Sure, he can’t see the zombie girl that is keeping him alive, but he knows something is wrong. Stockholm syndrome gives way to initial fears of survival.

Meanwhile, the zombie girl can’t quite figure out what to do with someone that wishes her no harm. The authorities are on their way, but what are they going to do? There is only one way to read a zombie holding a blind boy captive in her den of death. The film offers no easy answers, especially with its grim finale.

Here and Now

Here and Now is a Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle. Naturally, that turns off half of the site’s audience. But, what if it’s a good movie? Here and Now is supposed to be an homage of Cleo from 5 to 7. I only know this because of the EPK material. Not once then any scene ring true to that Varda spirit. So, what is there to make of the film?

Renee Zellweger seems to get what’s going on, but I wish she could inform everyone else. I always find it hard to sympathize with a character that only wants to improve upon the threat of death. Why did it take an overarching sense of finality to get you to care about your life? Ebenezer Scrooge ruined it for everyone. If you’re looking for a strong female-centric movie, then see If Beale Street Could Talk. Time passes and you still have to see something, give this one a chance.

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