In CREATING KARMA, Karma becomes a poet after losing her job for turning thirty, moving in with her wacky new-age therapist sister and meeting Mr. Wrong, the owner of the local poets’ cafe. The DVD of this award-winning, off-beat romantic comedy comes with a first-of-its-kind humorous self-help tool, the on-screen MEDITATION BOARD, that allows viewers to follow in the footsteps of Karma, sing along with the theme song (lyrics provided), orate poetry, cook a fish, get dressed for success, run a poetry slam just like Karma does in the film, and more.

Releasing Valentine’s Day, anamorphic widescreen, ntsc region 1, bonus features, 89 min. Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Available exclusively through and

With Karen Lynn Gorney, Carol Lee Sirugo, Jill Wisoff, Rahad Coulter-Stevenson, Roland Sands, Peggy A. Kirkpatrick, Jeremy Ebenstein, Jennifer Lee Mitchell, Riana Hershenfeld; costume designer, Nina Simich; production designer, Kathleen Muldoon; music by Joel Diamond; director of photography, Carter Bissell; original screenplay by Jill Wisoff and Carol Lee Sirugo; associate producer, Catherine Gulacsy; co-producer, David Wright; produced and directed by Jill Wisoff, Fantasy Creature Films LLC.




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