Richard Moll fights a computer whiz and a robot travels through time to steal stuff. Thank you, Shout Factory!

It's like I died and went to Kroger Video.

“The Dungeonmaster” is a fun film where a Wizard must fight a Computer Whiz. Richard Moll plays the bad guy, while the band WASP shows up in a segment to remind you that this was 1985. The film boasts multiple writers and directors trying to hammer out a semi anthology from this mess. But, it doesn’t matter! It’s sensory overload that runs through the checklist of what you want.

“Eliminators” is a film that I’ve been trying to find since the late 1980s. I used to watch this so many times when I was 7 that I thought I was imagining it. Basically, a guy gets blown up and rebuilt as a mandroid or borg or whatever. His new master makes him travel through time to steal things, but he decides to rebel. Teaming up with Denise Crosby, the robot fights against the odds alongside cavemen and ninjas. Best movie ever.

The Blu-Ray comes with a new interview with Eliminators director Peter Manoogian as the sole special feature. No one thanks Mr. Manoogian for what he created and that’s a shame. I believe the guy deserves a monument. The A/V Quality is a strong DTS-HD mono track that mixes in the stereo channels. The 1080p transfers blow away any old VHS copy you have lying around. It’s worth a purchase for cult cinema fans.

RELEASE DATE: 12/15/2015

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