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Duck Commander brings it to your door for the Holidays.

Duck Dynasty is here to make your grandfather happy.

“Duck Dynasty” represents something that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s this continuation of giving celeb status to people that used to be keeping chewing tobacco companies in business. While I appreciate the founding of Duck Commander and what the family has accomplished. I just don’t get the necessity of it. That being said, it’s still fun to watch this modern slice of Hicksploitation.

The first season and most of the second has centered on feuds within the family, mainly as Willie tries to expand their business and get more deals for them. All while his workers are intent to do their own thing, and Willie himself gets distracted by various tasks, including catching frogs, participating in a cooking DVD, and trying to stop his workers from flooding their business’ parking lot to make a pond to test the calls out in. It’s engaging to an extent, but sad in its own way.

More family members join the shenanigans, as everything else becomes a moment for Si, Willie and Phil to show off. Everything started to feel far more showy and staged. But, I guess that doesn’t matter for people who want to see an illusion rather than real rednecks operating a successful business. Does anyone really want to see that? The material is more of the same, as Willie tries to lead the group into doing something right. Phil and Miss Kay show up to steer Willie and Uncle Si continues to suffer from undiagnosed PTSD. That poor guy is never going to catch a break.

The Robertson Family is so fascinating to me. I’m not a fan of the reality television show format, but I appreciate the fact that money can be made off of rednecks gallivanting around and sharing funny quips. While the episodes presented here lack the wit of their recent Zaxby’s commercial, they represent a brand of entertainment that I wish would return to mainstream airwaves. Rich white dudes having fun spending multimedia cash like it’s going out of style.

The DVD set comes with featurettes, interviews and other sorts of bonus materials. All of the bonus stuff has been compiled from the past few releases. The A/V Quality is the same. Strong for standard definition, but nothing to blow you away. In the end, it’s a purchase for fans.

RELEASE DATE: 12/15/2015

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