Time to pack up your sunscreen, bathing suit and your camo beach-towel and get ready for a hysterical vacation with everyone’s favorite family, the Robertsons. The quacktastic DVD features three classic episodes, including the double-length episode of the family trip to Hawaii!


“Duck Dynasty: Duck Days of Summer” is a three episode sampler to celebrate the start of summer. Faster than you can say a GQ ambush interview, the guys leave the swamp and hit the beach. There’s nothing quite like bearded pale dudes hanging out in the sun. But, they bring their weird uncle along for the fun. Uncle Si was meant for the beach and the camera loves his demented ass.

The Hawaii Vacation was a fun episode for those Americans that don’t enjoy watching the Dunphys and Hollywood’s other godless heathens play fast and loose with Disney’s money. While A&E did flirt with Satan’s graces by temporarily banning Phil earlier this year, they saw the light and wanted to profit on the Robertson family’s grace-filled shenanigans in the Aloha State. I’m not a fan of the reality television show format, but I appreciate the fact that money can be made off of rednecks gallivanting around and sharing funny quips. While the episodes presented here lack the wit of their recent Zaxby’s commercial, they represent a brand of entertainment that I wish would return to mainstream airwaves. Rich white dudes having fun spending multimedia cash like it’s going out of style.

The DVD comes with an extended interview with Uncle Si. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for standard definition. Still, it looks and sounds the way that the average fan approaches the material. I’d be joking if I said that I actually wanted commentaries for these episodes, but at the same time…I do. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.

RELEASE DATE: 05/20/2014

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