In this magical learning adventure, Max, Emmy and their Dragon Land playmates find that new friends come in many different shapes and sizes. And while some friendships require more responsibility, some include exciting surprises!


Wheezie’s Hairball
Emmy and Max are greeted in Dragon Land by a strange orange fur ball, Zak and Wheezie’s new pet, Slurpy. They’re learning how to take care of him, and it isn’t easy! Since he can’t talk, Slurpy tries to communicate by bouncing twice and spinning around.

Frog Prints
When Quetzal takes the gang on a ride through Dragon Lagoon, Max finds a new friend. He immediately loves “Hoppy,” a little uni-croaker frog, and decides to take him home to keep as a pet. But Quetzal gently explains that’s not possible.

Bye Bye Birdie
When Emmy finds a baby rhyming bird left behind by its family, she wants to keep it for a pet. She names it Cutie Pie and becomes attached to the little bird. Her friends and Quetzal help her realize she must return the baby bird to its parents. Emmy feels very sad knowing she’ll have to say goodbye to Cutie Pie, so her friends show her support, making the journey with her to find the bird’s family.

Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
Everyone loves to play with Cassie’s fuzzy pet caterpoozle, especially Cassie. When Cassie discovers a transparent cocoon in the cage, they all believe that Poozie has died. To help Cassie feel better, the friends share favorite memories of Poozie and offer to help find another pet. None will do, until a caterpoozle a lot like Poozie crawls up Cassie’s arm, nuzzles her neck and smiles at her.

Green Thumbs
When the group finds a lost baby plant, they have to figure out how to care for her properly on their long journey to return her to her family and home.

The DVD presents these episodes with admirable A/V Quality. You don’t get any special features, but you get over an hour’s worth of entertainment. An hour’s reprieve from whiny kids goes a long way in a parent’s day. That’s why I recommend it. Well, rent it. You shouldn’t pay full price for something that a kid could watch on PBS, Sprout or any kid-friendly cable channel. 
RELEASE DATE: 03/17/09

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