Nic Gay, MD – Founder of SimpleTherapy, Dr. Gay received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He completed residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He specializes in foot and ankle and general orthopedics, with a focus on non-operative and rehabilitative care. Dr. Gay has published original peer-reviewed literature in orthopedic surgery, wound healing and neuroblastoma. He has 18 national and international research presentations.


1) What is the future of telecommunications in the medical field?

The future is bright. Amazingly, technology that has been mainstream for decades has never been applied to healthcare. As doctors we must become more cost-effective and as patients we must become more responsible for our health. Technology enables us to do this. Being able to reach a healthcare professional across the country via webcam for a consultation will become a more common and cost-effective way to deliver care. Self-monitoring software will become a common prescription from doctors who have patients in need of cost-effective care. As we apply technology to more and more applications in healthcare they will be able to synergize and truly improve care.

2) Do things like HIPAA impact the future growth of SimpleTherapy and other digital health services?

HIPAA does impact the present and future of SimpleTherapy. No one has told us we are governed by HIPAA, but we treat our customer’s information as sacred. Therefore, we comply with HIPAA even though no one has told us that we are formally governed by HIPAA. Any piece of information that could identify a person as having a health condition or seeking therapy is to be protected by HIPAA practices. It’s a challenge and a constraint for us in several instances of our operations, such as all cloud-based storage must be handled with special HIPAA-level security packages. Also common email formats such as Gmail and Yahoo mail are not HIPAA compliant, so the company must use a secure HIPAA compliant email. Even discussing a customer’s information on an elevator our employees know to use initials instead of the customer’s name. HIPAA alters our operations in more instances than just these, but it’s important to us. Further, I should add that SimpleTherapy will never under any circumstances, sell our customers identifiable information.

3) Do you use SimpleTherapy or other digital health services yourself? If so, have they worked for you in a beneficial way?

I don’t have any specific pain, so I only occasionally use SimpleTherapy to maintain mechanics for golf and swimming. The joints that I work do feel stronger and more “optimized” for the activities. But I can’t comment on pain relief personally since I don’t have any.

4) What types of successes have been reported to SimpleTherapy by its users thus far?

We’ve had many people tell us that SimpleTherapy has helped them achieve more mobility and strength than they have had in years, along with decreased pain. We are happy to provide all of our testimonials that have been spontaneously sent to us. (Anonymous of course) We’ve even had one person tell us that with the help of SimpleTherapy they felt so much better they cancelled their surgery, however this should be viewed as a special instance, not the norm. Overall, the response from people who use the program has been unbelievably validating for us. Many members of SimpleTherapy.com have written to us just to say “thank you” for creating the service.

5) What sort of modules/programming do you have in development?

We went to market with programs specific to certain areas of the body but are expanding that to regimens designed for certain activities, lifestyles and phases of a person’s life. For example, pregnant women often suffer from increased lower back stress, where the back requires strengthening. In a case like this, SimpleTherapy will provide an exercise regimen that focuses on improving lower back mechanics. We also have programs coming for golfers, runners, swimmers and many other activities.

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