Adventurous Dora and her sidekick, Boots, takepreschoolers on a stroll through the best-loved nursery rhymes in “DoraHad a Little Lamb,” the first of two episodes of this collection fromthe popular Nickelodeon series. Along the way, Dora and Boots attemptto reunite Mary with her lost lamb. In “Call Me Mr. Riddles,” they’reon a quest for the world’s silliest puzzler. Also contains two bonusepisodes.

Dora and Boots encounter a huge book of nursery rhymes and quickly stepinside to help a lost lamb find its home in “Dora Had a Little Lamb.”Along the way, Dora and Boots recite and sing favorite rhymes like”Hickory Dickory Dock,” help put “Humpty Dumpty” back together againafter his fall, and discover the reason the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” climbedup the water spout in the first place. Dora and the riddle-loving Bootsare headed for Tall Mountain to solve the silliest riddle of all in”Call Me Mr. Riddles,” but first the pair must solve the Troll’s riddleto cross the bridge and figure out how to open the knock-knock door.Skills stressed in this program include visual discrimination, problemsolving, attention to detail, and some Spanish vocabulary. (Ages 2-5)



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