Donten: 3-Film Collection

Donten feat

Donten arrives on Blu-ray for the first time. Well, the three chapters arrive. You could tell me that Donten was a 30 year old film series and I’d believe you. Why? It’s because I need an anime translator. I appreciate the material, it’s just that very little of it connects to me.

Do you know how hard that is when you really want to like something? Watching episode of Hellsing in college, Speed Racer as a kid and actually seeing Princess Mononoke first-run and being more impressed by the creatures that cracked their necks weird?

Donten 3-Film Collection Shout Factory Blu-ray

For those that care more about Donten and less about personal crap, here’s the breakdown. Three guardians have defeated a snake that threatened to destroy the world. Now, their lives have gone all post Thanos snap, as someone wants to bring back Mr. Snakey. Apparently, there has been a recent live-action adaptation. That might be helpful to newbie Westerners.

As it stands, I spent three hours with the material and I still don’t know what I saw. Superficially, I’d call it supernatural melodrama. As it stands, the special features range from Japanese trailers and teasers. If you’re expecting more, then you’re in the wrong Region. Check out the screenshots.


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