Don ‘The Dragon” Wilson’s PAYING MR. MCGETTY gets a new trailer and poster!

Don 'The Dragon" Wilson's PAYING MR. MCGETTY gets a new trailer and poster! 1

Kickboxing Champion and legendary action star Don “The Dragon” Wilson is back like you’ve never seen him before in Traditionz Entertainment’s action-packed comedy Paying Mr. McGetty from director Michael Baumgarten (The Martial Arts Kid)! After a night of drinking and gambling, Tyrell (R. Marcos Taylor, Netflix’s Luke Cage) is awakened by an angry call from his girlfriend, Meena (Anita Clay) and finds himself in bed with a strange woman, Cecelia (Alissa Schneider) — a local mob boss’ daughter. Once the local mob boss finds out, he hires Shota (Wilson) — a relentless hitman. To make matters worse, the reward on Tyrell’s head has dozens of others looking for him, too. Adding to Tyrell’s troubles, the worst thing of all… Meena, the love of his life, is put in harm’s way. Tyrell must make a stand by taking on the mob, taking on Shota, and finding the money to pay their landlord — Mr. McGetty — before the day ends. It will be the wildest and most incredible day of his life!


On playing Shota Kabu, Don remarks, “It was an interesting character for me because I usually get offered the ‘good guy’ roles in action Films, and this was something different. The challenge for me was, to be and do everything necessary as a deadly killer for hire, while maintaining a certain code of ethics that enabled the viewers to still be sympathetic to my character.” He adds, “I hope my performance did not come off as if Shota was completely evil or completely good. To me, he’s a little of both.”


Of his leading role character Tyrrell, R. Marcos Taylor says,
“I always seem to play the ‘heavy,’ the ‘thug, or the ‘tough guy,’ so Tyrell was really interesting. Going from confusion, stress, frustration, depression and fear to courage, determination, and happiness was a challenge, but one I loved doing.”


Director Michael Baumgarten comments on making the film: “It was a pleasure to work with Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and James Wilson on yet another motion picture. We had a great time making The Martial Arts Kid, and we had more to say with Paying Mr. McGetty. We keep coming up with interesting stories to tell and people seem to really enjoy them.”


James Wilson, the producer of Paying Mr. McGetty reflects, “We knew this project would be risky. It’s not your typical movie, and yet there’s nothing out there quite like it, but we believed that an audience would appreciate something really unique that has everything: humor, action, romance, martial arts, diversity, and more.”


Paying Mr. McGetty won BEST ACTOR (R. Marcos Taylor) at the Burbank International Film Festival.

It also won BEST ACTION ADVENTURE FILM at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

CO-star Alissa Schneider received the RISING STAR Award at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

CO-star Anita Cay received the PHOENIX Award at the Urban Action Showcase.

Don Wilson received the FISTS OF LEGENDS Award at the Urban Action Showcase for Paying Mr. McGetty.

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