The niece of Doctor Thorne is strong-willed and all Jane Austin style up in this piece. Unfortunately, the man she wants to marry has a problem. His family owes a ton of money to Ian McShane. Dude’s family wants him to marry someone who has the cash to pay off the debt. What is a older bachelorette to do at this time? In reality, she would’ve married in her station and died from sepsis resulting from a breech birth.

But, this is British costume drama with a dash of Hollywood fancy. While not as serious as recent costume dramas, the show tries to have fun with its subject matter. At times, it feels like an outright comedy. However, there are serious dramatic/romantic underpinnings to the story. Alison Brie shows up in a strong supporting turn. Still, I can see the show being a hard sell to some viewers. The Amazon Prime only option of viewing might even hamper some who want to watch it.

Thankfully, the DVD is here. You shouldn’t have to watch a service that tries to convince you that “Transparent” is a good show. It isn’t, kids. Sometimes, subject matter can’t get you past the content smell test.


  • Featurettes


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1

RELEASE DATE: 10/18/16

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