What do you know about THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT?

The Mindfulness Movement poster

The Mindfulness Movement is In Theaters March 26th

Executive Produced by and featuring Deepak Chopra and Jewel

Produced & Directed by: Rob Beemer (“Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”)

From Executive Producers Deepak Chopra and Jewel, comes THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT, a feature documentary that examines the growing number of people throughout society who believe mindfulness – a peaceful quality of attention anyone can develop by simply focusing on the present moment in a non- judgmental way – is the key to creating a healthier, happier world. For them, mindfulness is the way for anyone to make more moments matter in their lives. 

The film follows the emotionally compelling stories of four main characters (Jewel, Dan Harris, Sharon Salzberg and George Mumford) who reveal their personal hardships and explain how mindfulness transformed their lives. Woven between these journeys are profiles of the leaders, history and science behind the movement, as well as looks at the many places where mindfulness is already helping to improve society, including schools (from inner-cities to Harvard Business School), Fortune 500 companies, police forces, prisons, network newsrooms, neuroscience laboratories, therapist offices, sports teams, military veterans groups and the health care industry. 

This documentary is even an interactive experience since viewers will have two chances to close their eyes and practice during brief guided meditations led by well- known mindfulness teachers.

The Mindfulness Movement poster


Dan Harris (ABC News correspondent & GMA weekend co-host)

Sharon Salzberg (author and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society)

Jon Kabat-Zinn (author and founder of the Center for Mindfulness)

Daniel Goleman (psychologist and author of “Emotional Intelligence”)

Fleet Maull (Founder of Prison Mindfulness Institute) 

Diana Winston (author and Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA’s MARC)

George Mumford (teacher and author of “The Mindful Athlete”)

Tim Ryan (US Congressman, Ohio and author of “A Mindful Nation”)

Bill George (Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, former Fortune 500 CEO, and author)

Leigh Koechner (Speaker, Podcaster, Parenting Expert & Spiritual Teacher) 

Richard Davidson (neuroscientist and Founder of the Center For Healthy Minds)

and more!

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