Divine Weeks Take Aim at Midterms Elections in November & their Legacy on Final Record We’re All We Have

Divine Weeks Take Aim at Midterms Elections in November & their Legacy on Final Record We’re All We Have 1
Divine Weeks (https://divineweeks.bandcamp.com) , the seminal Los Angeles indie guitar band formed in the late ‘80’s fertile LA underground music scene, announced today that they are releasing their final album We’re All We Have on November 16. It’s no accident either that its release date coincides with the upcoming midterm elections, Tuesday November 6th and their anthemic first single “Fight for Love” set for a Friday October 26 release.
More than three decades ago, Divine Weeks were up-and-comers in the LA music scene that spawned Jane’s Addiction, fIREHOSE and House of Freaks during the politically charged era of Ronald Reagan. They signed to Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn’s label Down There/Restless Records for their debut album Through and Through. They toured relentlessly in support of  “In the Country (For Jim Carroll)”, a hit on MTV’s newly launched “120 Minutes” that brought them national attention. That was then.
But now, Divine Weeks final full-length album is a plea to reclaim our country and our very democracy by being on the left side of history. Its target? Donald Trump’s America. We’re All We Have is a bold open-hearted appeal to reclaim the land of wonders and restore its humanity. It gives a voice to those who feel that our country and its institutions are slipping away from democracy.
Tracks listing for We’re All We Have as follows:
  1. Fight for Love
  2. We’re All in One & One in All
  3. Don’t Get Caught on the Wrong Side of History
  4. The Indomitable Force of Love
  5. Soldier Girl
  6. Too Much Beauty
  7. Darkness Brings Out the Light in Me
  8. Every little Once in a While
  9. Love is a Mix Tape
  10. Holes
  11. Hold on to Love in a World Gone Mad
Divine Weeks is going out with ‘No regrets”. In a career full of ups and downs, the band’s debut was followed by a sophomore release on First Warning/BMG Records in 1991. Never Get Used To It was released the very same day as Nevermind. But unlike bands such as Soul Asylum who reaped the rewards provided by Nirvana – after slogging it out for years, Divine Weeks wasn’t so fortunate and called it quits in 1992.
The band remained dormant until lead singer Bill See’s critically acclaimed ‘coming of age’ meets On The Road memoir 33 Days was released in 2011. See brought along Divine Weeks’ guitarist Raj Makwana on the west coast 33 Days book tour playing old tunes, vintage videos and sharing tour stories. That lead to the band’s first record in 25 years, 2016’s See Those Landing Lights which was lauded by Michael Toland, Blurt Magazine in May 2016 who said:
See Those Landing Lights, the band’s long-awaited third LP, which comes a mere 25 years after the last oneNever Get Used to It, is a celebration – of the joys of living a life, of the redemptive power of love, of the act of creation itself. Hard to resist, See Those Landing Lights strikes a blow for optimism in rock & roll.”
2018’s We’re All We Have is their swan song. One that reminds us that only love can bridge this deep divide. Divine Weeks will not go down silently in Trump’s America. They are fighting back. Fighting back with love.

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