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Dive into Fun with “Sesame Street: Abby & Elmo’s Amazing Adventures” This Summer

Prepare for an exciting and magical journey this summer with your beloved Sesame Street characters! The adorable furry monster Elmo and the ever-delightful fairy Abby Cadabby are set to take your little ones on a journey of fun and exploration in “Sesame Street: Abby & Elmo’s Amazing Adventures.” Shout! Kids, in partnership with Sesame Workshop, is thrilled to announce the availability of this joy-filled series on DVD and all major digital platforms, beginning August 15.

Dive into Fun with

Experience the joy of the Sesame Circus, unravel mysteries with the lovable characters of Tango, Grover, and Cookie Monster, and bask in the warmth of laughter, singing, and discovery. With over two hours of engaging content on the DVD, your children are invited to embark on incredible adventures with their favorite Sesame Street pals.

What’s more, the DVD is packed with delightful surprises! It features special appearances by Ginnifer Goodwin, immersing herself in an imaginative game of pretend, and Jason Mraz, singing heartily about the joys of outdoor activities. Plus, the real-life astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison takes the lead on an exciting lunar mission.

As a special treat, the DVD also includes the “Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure” release. This bonus feature brings the mesmerizing music of R&B group En Vogue to the Sesame Street universe. You can pre-order this adventurous collection today on Shout! Kids and

As we celebrate the 53rd season of Sesame Street, we’re reminded of its rich legacy. Recognized as the longest-running children’s television program in the US, Sesame Street’s remarkable dedication to children’s education and entertainment has won it more Emmy® Awards than any other show in television history.

So this summer, join Elmo and Abby for an unforgettable adventure that promises to be as educational as it is enjoyable!

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