When an accident renders her fiancé a quadriplegic, Carrie faces mounting pressures that ultimately cause her to start a new life in New York.


“The Dive from Clausen’s Pier” is heart-wrenching and a great look into the mind of a torn young woman. However, the Lifetime movie just chopped up the story, altered it horribly and left me appalled. If you have not read the book and watch the movie, fine. But if you’ve read the book….I recommend not watching the movie. If you must though, be warned. There was so much richness in the book and important moments and character development that the movie skips over and alters. Originally the character was named Carrie Bell in the book and the movie changes her to Carrie Beal…not a huge deal, but that is the gateway for all the changes in the plot.

Carrie’s boyfriend Mike breaks his back diving, and Carrie breaking up with him (not because of the injury) and going off to New York to get a life, so to speak. She meets supposedly mysterious 35-year-old Kilroy and they become a couple. Then everybody leads complicated lives for a while, and she finally goes home – although the movie does not reveal for what reasons. This movie confused me a bit right from the start, mostly because of the very young appearances of the characters; in the opening scenes we see Carrie (Michelle Trachtenberg) and her boyfriend, and him giving her a ring, at the same time as her voice tells the story of their several years long relationship. Wasn’t this chick playing Harriet the Spy about a decade ago? She doesn’t seem of age to be futzing around in this story. 

The DVD doesn’t come with any special features. However, the A/V Quality is pretty impressive for recent TV on DVD. I’d recommend a rental to the ladies that read the site. But, I do recognize that not all ladies dig the Lifetime fare. Everyone else should skip it.


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