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“Dislecksia: The Movie” is a talking head documentary about the impact of Dyslexia. What really supports the film is the sheer volume of adults that are able to telling kids that Dyslexia isn’t the end of the world. Whether it’s Billy Bob Thornton or others explaining that you can move past it, well it’s invigorating. They’re not saying that the rest of the world has to adapt to those impacted, but the impacted can easily match others who see things in the correct order. If you’re looking for deep science into the matter, then look elsewhere.

This is a feel good documentary that wants to remove stigma. Honestly, I grew up in the generation where about 20% of my fellow students were dyslexic or the numerical equivalent. It was just one of those things like the religious kids who couldn’t watch certain videos or the ESL kids who got out of class for half of the day. While the movie feels about twenty years later, it’s still a positive to see anything that makes kids feel better about themselves.


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