Blu-ray Thoughts: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dis, The Cloverfield Paradox, Double Dragon

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels gets a release that has seemingly irritated many of the site readers. I never would’ve thought that we would have such discussions of late 80s comedy until the last month. But, I have to say it’s misplaced. While the transfer pops due to the new 2K transfer, I have to say that the lack of substantial special features sours things a bit. Many of the site readers have taken issue with the up-and-down nature of the Shout Factory releases and I have to say this package supports their argument.

Not everything is meant for the niche collector market. Comedy nerds are still pretty substantial and this should have been a mainstream release rather than getting the late treatment for its 30th anniversary. While not the worst or the best, it’s just casually indifferent.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is available now!

Dis is the latest film in Unearthed’s quest to freak my brain out of my skull. I love that these guys and gals keep trying sending stuff to make me squirm. This time, it’s a demon with a taste for man seed and murder kicking off the festivities. This lead to me googling more about the Mandrake legend while re-watching the film. While not as unsettling as many of their recent releases, there were enough moments present to warrant possibly filming a reaction video. And, you guys know how much I hate anything popular on YouTube.

Dis is available now!

The Cloverfield Paradox is interesting. While I’m a known fan of the Anthology series, it seems like America and the world just hasn’t taken a bite out of that Bad Robot apple. This film had a bad reputation before it debuted right after Nick Foles joined Eli Manning in the pits of Hell in last year’s Super Bowl. Honestly, Paramount quick dumping it to Netflix hurt and helped the film. It got a level of attention that it would have obviously missed dying on the vine in the cold winter months of February and early March at your local theater.

However, I wish that Paramount would have took the time to admit they had a problem on their hands. If not, then cut Overlord at the same time as the feature and try to retro-fit a double feature film out of it. This site gets a lot of spy reports, so we’re not going to put anything out there that isn’t known by the lurkers. But, dropping a third act of an anthology without explanation or attempt to make sense of what went down is a dumb move.

Not as dumb as cutting up the fourth installment to pretend like it was never going to become a fourth installment. But, that review is still pending.

The Cloverfield Paradox is available Feb 5th!

Double Dragon stirs up two memories for me. It was the game that nobody wanted to play when I was a kid. Also, Marvel used to run ads non-stop in its books for this movie. I never saw the film until now because even at 12 years old, I was tired of Alyssa Milano and video game adaptation movies. While the movie is pretty forgettable and slightly racist enough to make the woke folk cry, this disc is packed. You get episodes from the cartoon series, commentary, full-length documentary and vintage video trailers.

There are so many featurettes and tons of junk that surrounded the film that it genuinely surprised me. I only watched the film to see if Alyssa Milano could literally transform into the Zeitgeist of 1993. It’s a crazy release produced by legendary Don Murphy (Child Frog) and co-written by Paul Dini. Still, it was forgotten for a reason.

Double Dragon is available now!

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