Direct2Drive Chops 15% Off All Horror Titles for Halloween Weekend

In celebration of the most gruesome day of the year, Direct2Drive (D2D) is discounting its entire library of horror titles by 15% now through the Day of the Dead, 11/1/10 at 10am PDT. The Halloween-themed discount will apply to classics both new and old, including:

  • Fallout: New Vegas – Explore the grim, post-apocalyptic wasteland of this recently released blockbuster adventure.
  • Dead Rising 2 – Wield ridiculous homemade weapons — patched together from random everyday objects — to fight off a seemingly endless and endlessly hungry zombie horde.
  • Plants vs. Zombies – Grab hold of the lighter side of Halloween with Pop Cap’s award-winning and much-loved family friendly tower defense game.

Customers must enter code KREEPY at checkout in order to score their 15% discount.

Other top discounted thrillers include Resident Evil 5, Bioshock and Bioshock 2, Darksiders and Silent Hill Homecoming. Visit to peruse D2D’s entire selection of horror titles. Discount doesn’t apply to pre-orders or games already on sale.

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