The Devil’s Hand tells the tale of six girls born on the sixth day of the sixth month, setting in motion an ancient prophecy—on their 18th birthday, one of the girls will become the Devil’s Hand. As the day nears, the young women begin to disappear. Threatened by the town’s fiery religious leader (Meaney), the remaining girls, Mary and Ruth, join with Mary’s father (Sewell) to uncover the chilling truth behind the evil that grips New Bethlehem.


“The Devil’s Hand” plays a lot like a dumber version of “The Crucible”. But, we get a bit of nudity and O’Brien takes a break away from the transporter room. The rest of the movie pretty forgettable. That being me to the point that kept running through my head during the film. If you’re not going for high art with these kinds of movies, then why not go for genre trash? Anything in between has been done to death and nobody cares anymore.

Satanic possession movies dried up for awhile. Then, Emily Rose and all of that claptrap brought it back. While there is a tinge of religious interference in the film, it never quite pulls together that conspiracy angle. More than anything, this is a frustrating film that reeks of missed opportunities and near successes. That won’t stop the goobers from lining up at the Redbox to rent it. So, I don’t really know the importance of calling it out. I do like it when The Amish get featured in movies like this. Whenever I go to Pennsylvania or Southern Kentucky, seeming them about always makes me wonder what’s going on behind closed doors.

The DVD comes with a trailer as the sole special feature. The A/V Quality is fairly typical. The transfer is a decent standard definition mix. The same goes for the rather supportive Dolby 5.1 audio. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 12/16/2014

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