“Desolation” will lost most people in the first 40 minutes. I’m a big fan of dialogue and character work. However, genre movies tease the audience on certain aspects and it’s not fair to drag out the impact. If a lone hiker is stalking our heroes, we want to see this threat and understand him. Do we need to know every little thing that these guys did for the past week? Nope. We want to see a fight.

Normally, I’d make a crack about the decline of entertainment. It’s just that I’m getting older and I’m starting to understand the impatience that accompanies drawn out plots. Especially when the film only runs for 76 minutes. Jaimi Page will hold your interest in the lead, but the film really kicks into gear when it goes off trail. The build-up to the thrills felt a bit much, but it pays off as you watch these people fight for their lives.

It’s a slight tribute to the 70s man in nature exploitation films. However, it’s handled on such an indie framework that it works better as its own film. Check it out.


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