DER TODESKING on VHS in 2 limited editions

Der Todesking VHS box A Cult Epics
DER TODESKING on VHS in 2 limited editions 2

“What kills me, will remain my secret.” (F. Lacenaire)

Cult Epics presents on May 15, 2020 the third release in the series Corpse Fucking Art: Jorg Buttgereit’s powerful materpiece DER TODESKING (aka The Death King) on the original home video standard in two editions, very limited numbers, following the highly successful VHS re-issue of NEKROMANTIK & NEKROMANTIK 2 in the last years.

Cult Epics website Exclusives: DER TODESKING VHS (Limited edition of 50) NTSC.

DER TODESKING Box set (Limited Edition of 25) includes VHS, 7 Art prints w/Certificate signed & numbered by Martin Trafford, T-shirt and Enamel Pin. Also available Enamel Pin of iconic TK (Death King) image, edition 75. Pre-orders are now taken at


Seven stories on Death and Suicide, each taking place on a different day of the week, enframed by the decomposition of a human body.

VHS-A (Limited Edition of 50)

Price:                                              $29.95

VHS-B BOX SET (Limited Edition of 25)

Price:                                      $99.95 each

Release Date:                       May 15, 2020


Production Year:                 1990

Country:                                 Germany

Video run time:            Approx. 76 Mins

Language:                              German language w/optional English subtitles

Aspect Ratio:                        1.33:1

Audio:                                     Stereo

Label:                                      Cult Epics

Rating:                                    Not Rated


Feature film VHS with artwork by Martin Trafford

Numbered Limited editions of 25 copies in Clamshell Case

Exclusive set of 7 Art Prints (8.5”x11” inches) featuring art by Martin Trafford, w/signed and numbered certificate

Exclusive Der Todesking T-shirt (S, M, L, XL), art by Martin Trafford

Der Todesking Enamel Pin

All housed in box with art by Martin Trafford


Antique silver 3D Enamel Pin (1.25”X1.25” inches)

Limited Edition of 75

Make sure to check out der todesking arriving on vhs

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