Constantine joins the Roman army to find his missing childhood friend. Once alerted to his friend’s whereabouts, he prepares for an all out war between the East and the West.


“Decline of an Empire” is known for being Peter O’ Toole’s last movie. Luckily, he avoided the curse of going out on a lame cartoon role. Look it up, people. Basically, the film is about the two Emperors of the late era Roman Empire fighting it out over a woman. None of that happened, but neither did anything in “Gladiator”. As it is, people watch movies to be entertained and not to have fidgety nerds e-mail blast them in the middle of the night on Ancient Roman history. Seriously, the only people worse than History Buffs are Horror Nerds.

A seemingly DTV film about the Roman Empire is all too common. It’s a coin toss between World War II and The Roman Empire for easiest period to cover in the cinema of any nationality. People like those broad strokes of history where you can paint anything as long as it draws an audience. The majority of it is crap, but is it crap that’s well worth watching? Peter O’ Toole tries his hardest, much like any actor of his age. What ultimately comes through is that the guy can’t save a movie about fake history while trying to place against stereotypical brutes that are worthy of sharing the screen with him. If you’re a goofy kid or looking for background noise, this might do it for you.

The DVD comes with a Digital Copy, featurette and trailer gallery as the special features. The film is pretty flat in terms of A/V Quality. The transfer holds up for standard definition. However, the Dolby 5.1 track ebbs and flows unpredictably. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 08/12/2014

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