After the sudden death of her husband, Ilene struggles financially, and her teenage son, Jackson, begins to act out. Ilene turns for help to her estranged father, who tries to build a bond with the boy through faith and hard work.


Ilene Connors and her son Jackson live alone in their small ranch style one family home. Due the recent death of her husband, Steve Connors, Ilene is forced to take care of her son by herself. Both Ilene and Jackson have been deeply affected by the tragic death of Steve. It is Jackson though, that feels the loss the most. His father was everything to him. He is like a ship that has been set adrift, without an anchor. While driving home from the fire station late one night, Steve falls asleep at the wheel. He runs a red light, killing himself and an elderly woman. Because Steve got killed in an off-duty at fault traffic accident, he loses his pension. This leaves Ilene and her son in a dire financial position.

The film is straight TV-movie fodder. I don’t recognize any of the people involved, but they seem like the kind of folk that make a name for themselves in Tornado Alley. If you can look past the lackluster acting, there’s a strong film about surviving the death of a loved one. Survivor’s guilt and the usual baggage gets a run, but it never goes anywhere. If you know someone that wants just a nice quiet domestic drama, then this will fit the bill.

The DVD comes with a bible study guide as the sole special feature. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for an indie drama, but I did notice slight macroblocking on the transfer. The Dolby 5.1 track is pretty flat with almost no back channel action. But, I don’t know what you could expect from a flick like this. I’d recommend a rental for the culturally pious.

RELEASE DATE: 03/06/2012

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