December 2020 VOD Catch-All [Film Review]


The Mark of the Bell Witch is everything I don’t like in horror movies. That’s a rough way to start my coverage, but here we are now. I’m quite familiar with the story of the Bell family. While it’s a Tennessee legend, many from Kentucky travel on those haunted tourism treks to learn more about it. Honestly, I’m cool with catching it all on VOD from the comfort of the AV Theater.

There is something in the nature of apparation/haunted stories that doesn’t appeal to me as a horror fan. Especially when those tales drop during December. If this is your sort of thing, then I’d recommend checking it out. Don’t let my personal peccadilloes dissuade you if you feel that you’ll enjoy it.

The Mark of the Bell Witch arrives December 15th

December 2020 VOD Catch-All [Film Review] 17

Adam Sandler: Funny Guy feels like background fodder for an entertainment show. Having covered movie news and reviews for over 15 years, I’m super used to this material. What I don’t get is why?!? When I was a kid, I would watch A&E Biography all the time. The tone of Funny Guy feels like that.

However, I just don’t get the point. Who needs to learn this much about Adam Sandler and his various dealings? Maybe younger fans, but there’s Wikipedia and the wilds of the Internet. This December, you’ll have many better options out there to watch.

It’s just that if you want to get your kids to quit watching Hubie Halloween for a moment, then pop Funny Guy up on Amazon Prime for them. Way less Thermos jokes.

adam sandly funny guy december movie

Adam Sandler: Funny Guy is now available on Amazon Prime

Carried Away is the latest film from Tom Huckabee. While we’ve interviewed Tom Huckabee in the past and watched the confusing Taking Tiger Mountain (now available from Vinegar Syndrome). I appreciate the Texas film scene flow that lives in Huckabee’s work.

It’s just that while I appreciate a movie, it doesn’t mean that I necessarily love it. I don’t recognize any of the actors in this movie, but it’s enjoyable enough that I watched Carried Away twice. For someone that lives to watch movies, an immediate repeat viewing is high praise.

Carried Away has one major thing going for it this December. A portion of the proceeds of Carried Away will be donated to the AFA (Alzheimer’s Foundation of America)


Visit and 

Farewell Amor is the kind of immigrant story that just kicks you in the guts. Coming in the middle of December, Farewell Amor is about a family reuniting after years apart. The father has been in NYC for the last 17 years and now his family from Angola is coming to live with him.

As they make it work in a one bedroom Brooklyn apartment, the family is at odds with each other. We have a father that doesn’t understand his wife or daughter anymore. It’s not the most December friendly family movie, but it makes you understand what works in terms of interpersonal relationships.

Farewell Amor arrives from IFC on December 11th

December 2020 VOD Catch-All [Film Review] 20
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