Director: Jeremy Xido
Cast: Sonia Ferreira, Wilker Flores
Studio: The Vlader Company

“Death Metal Angola” opens on some background about the history of Angola. Then, we see an orphanage in Huambo where Death Metal begins to form. We follow many musicians that keep the scene going in Angola, but there’s so much subtext here. We’re looking at generations of people that only climbed out of war due to the intervention of the First World. It’s not like America, China and Russia got involved because they cared about the humanitarian issues. The trio of countries got involved, because Angola is crazy rich in natural resources.

It’s no surprise that Death Metal took hold of Angola. The people of Angola realize that they’re being used by privileged nations, but they’ve never known a life where they weren’t being used and abused by others. So, they pick up guitars and let pure Deathklok level metal fury reign throughout the region. If anything, this film is the anti “Soul Power”. If you haven’t seen that documentary, then check it out to see how music helped save culture in 1974 Zaire. “Death Metal Angola” is the bleak dark nightmare to that dream of idealistic artistic endeavor. But, such is metal.

Anger and raw emotion filtered through music is so true to the human spirit. While some might fault the movie for filling like a travelogue spliced together with local interviews, that works so perfectly for a movie like this. Documentaries about cult scenes require studying the environment, as much as the people. The Angola of this documentary is so poor and desolate that it could power 800 Iron Maiden covers. But, Iron Maiden could never reach the metal of Angola. This is real and guttural for a scene that most poser kids think peaked with the Washington, D.C. scene of political washouts in the early 1980s. If anything, it’s refreshing to see a metal band try not to have the political awareness of The Clash.

RELEASE DATE: 11/21/2014

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