It is the eve of the Darcys’ annual ball at their magnificent Pemberley estate. Darcy and Elizabeth, now six years married, are relaxing with their guests after supper when the festivities are brought to an abrupt halt. A scream calls them to the window and a hysterical Lydia Wickham tumbles out of a carriage shrieking, “Murder!” What follows is the somber discovery of a dead man in Pemberley woods, a brother accused of murder, and the beginning of a nightmare that will threaten to engulf Pemberley and all the Darcys hold dear.

Adapted from P.D. James’ clever whodunit, this delicious homage to Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice stars Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House), Matthew Rhys (The Americans), Matthew Goode (The Good Wife), and Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who). Elizabeth and Darcy never knew marriage would be like this!


“Death Comes to Pemberley” is a work very much of its time. The rich Brits are throwing a party at their estate, while a corpse is found in the nearby woods. A strange relative reappears and now everyone has to figure out how it relates back to what’s going on. Will the Darcy name ever survive? Is this show good enough to get you through until January when “Downton Abbey” returns?

Jenna Coleman is here to keep the Whovians interested. Other than that, it’s like ancient P.D. James fan-fiction about keeping Pride and Prejudice going. The mystery is paper-thin, but you’re going to love all of these regal beagles talking to each other about longing and deeper needs. Plus, dead people!

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. But, you’re getting genuine British class up in your eyes. The 1080p transfer is smooth as hell. Plus, the Dolby 2.0 stereo is supportive. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the Fops that love to do the costume drama bop.

RELEASE DATE: 10/28/2014

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