“Deadpool 2” finally did what I wanted. It brought real humor to the X-Universe and allowed Ryan Reynolds to go deep into the role. The first film is always the standard origin and exposition bonanza. The second film has to raise the stakes and expand the world. Dopinder, Blind Al, Weasel, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus and Vanessa are back to help Wade Wilson deliver the good word. That word being Chimichangas.

X-Force is one of those fundamental comic reading blocks of my teenage years. They got what they had coming in this film. Deadpool uses LinkedIn to build a team to help fight the seemingly undefeatable Cable, as he plans on murdering a teenager. The teen is barely in control of his powers now, but in the future he’s going to be a psycho that kills Cable’s family. So, Cable comes back in time to save his future.

Time travel always feels like a crutch in comic films. What Deadpool 2 does with it is not only smart, but acknowledging that sometimes the crutch helps. It also gives your film, comic, whatever the opportunity to brutally destroy the present with the safety net of a time reset. After all, the sky-diving mishap has to be the second best scene in the film. The first being the anal takedown of Juggernaut. Excited yet, kids?

You’ve got about 800 cameos, a quick Christopher Plummer joke, a brief Alpha Flight drop and so much love given to the last few decades of X-Men. What helps is if you just accept that FOX has stopped giving a damn about X-Film continuity at this point. For all we know, New Mutants could now be a film about Wolfsbane getting a flea bath. Just enjoy your time with these movies and listen to Celine Dion belt out a song that works in context.

For the ADD kids out there, who are shaking from reading this much text…I’ll break it down before I leave. There is no post-credits scene, but you’ve got one in the mid-credits. Only dumb people die, not the guys you love. Cable is coming back. Domino’s luck power makes more sense in the movie than it ever did in the comics. Finally, Julian Dennison continues to be a badass. Watch this movie and then go watch “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”.


  • 1 hr and 59 mins
  • R
  • 20th Century Fox


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