After surviving a fall from a plane 3000-feet over the ocean, a former CIA operative turned government contractor re-infiltrates a dangerous North Mexican drug trafficking ring to find his own killer. With his memory unraveling, he descends into a murderous rampage while trying to uncover the truth. Who threw him from the plane? Was it his best friend?


“Dead Drop” is about Richard from Lost throwing random dude out of a plane. Apparently, Luke Goss (I think he was in Hellboy 2) stole some cash from the guy that was on Suddenly Susan. They’re all like give me back my money and the other guy is totally no way. Then, Luke Goss tries to turn into Jason Statham. He even makes primo Statham face until Richard tries to summon the Smoke Monster to destroy his ass.

Luke Goss and Nestor Carbonell are great character actors that tend to star in stuff like this. That being said, this is the kind of movie that keeps your meathead friends entertained in between “Expendables” sequels. So, take that for what you will. If that means, I get to enjoy my copy of “Hearts and Minds” and have a meaningful discussion about the Vietnam War without meathead chatter, then so be it. These movies have their purpose and I enjoy the role they fulfill. It’s just after two viewings, I can’t say that I’m seeing anything new here. But, it’s not like these movies were meant to be directed by Michel Gondry or something.

The DVD comes with a Digital Copy, trailer, photo gallery and nothing else as the special features. The A/V Quality is strong for standard definition. The Dolby surround track really pumps up the action. Plus, the transfer is not too shabby. In the end, I’d recommend a rental or a stream.

RELEASE DATE: 07/08/2014

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