Dark Sky Films Brings announces the release of GHOST KILLERS VS BLOODY MARY ON MARCH 10TH

ghost killers bloody mary dark sky march DVD
ghost killers bloody mary dark sky

Looking for an easy way to internet stardom, a quartet of self-proclaimed ghost hunters take an assignment at a local school to rid its halls of the newly unleashed spirit of “Bloody Mary.” But despite their efforts to stage the perfect supernatural hoax, the group discovers instead that the ghost is very real and very much out for blood. Enlisting all of the ragtag help they can get, the four must find a way to turn their skills as charlatans into skills for survival in order to combat the ghost and save the day.

In the spirit of Peter Jackson’s earliest work, GHOST KILLERS VS BLOODY MARY is an exercise in hilariously bad taste, featuring gratuitous sex, violence, profanity and one seriously pissed-off ghost. “A goofy spirit runs through the whole thing, with countless running gags weaving in and out, all paying off at one point or another,” raved Andrew Todd at /Film. Dani Calabresa, Léo Lins, Danilo Gentili and Murilo Couto star in this outrageous and unforgettable film, of which  Wicked Horror‘s Joey Keogh said, “If it doesn’t enter your rotation soon, you’re doing it wrong.”

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