Dark Fortune

Shortly after finishing her master's thesis, child psychologist Eliane Hess (Eleni Haupt) is summoned to the hospital to help provide care for Yves (Noé Ricklin), a young boy named Yves who's the sole survivor of a car wreck that claimed the lives of his entire family. Though spared physically, Yves carries psychological wounds that may go far deeper than originally thought. Such begins DARK FORTUNE, a taut and powerful drama based on the book by Lukas Hartmann and helmed by Swiss director Stefan Haupt (The Circle), winner of a coveted Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival for his documentary, Der Kreis.
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Dark Fortune is a stark film about a young boy who is the sole survivor of a car wreck. Faster than you can say dead parents, the shrink chosen to analyze him decides that his aunt sucks. What follows is questions over what represents true family. In America, it would already have a Sara Bareilles song playing during the trailer. When it comes to Switzerland, this film goes darker.

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The Corinth Films DVD comes with no special features. But, what we do get is a serious look at what means the best for troubled kids. You’ve seen this before in a variety of ways. However, the film never backs off its look at what means to be serious. People are mean and often put the kid out to end up looking better. If that sounds cool, then pick it up.

Dark Fortune is now available!

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