Four-year-old Daniel Tiger invites young viewers directly into his world, giving them a kid’s eye view of his life and making them feel like one of his neighbors. As they follow Daniel’s everyday adventures, preschoolers and their families learn fun and practical strategies and skills necessary for dealing with everyday experiences, like showing appreciation to friends and loved ones, dressing up for Halloween, and celebrating holidays.


“Daniel Tiger’s Happy Holidays” is a fourth quarter themed Holiday special. All of the big October/November/December holidays get covered to your heart’s content. Daniel Tiger is fun and he offers up something for kids that are too young to remember “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. I have to admit that my own daughter finds the older show to be far too boring. But, I guess that’s all you can get from an infant that doesn’t talk. However, she finds Satan on “South Park” to be hilarious.

The Daniel Tiger series has been treading into Caillou territory. If you don’t know what that means, then you’re not a parent and you haven’t been ruined by specific media creations for this new age. I get that having a whiny kid character needing everything from everyone isn’t a novel concept. However, it gets grating on parents that have it on in the background to entertain the progeny while they try to have a functional adult life. I will say that the voice does capture their attention. Honestly, it wakes up the dog because when Daniel gets into a panic, you can hear that voice in your eyes. Take that for what you will.

The DVD comes with printable activites and coloring pages as the special features. Plus, you get some live-action music videos. It’s fun and the show looks good. The same can be said for the Dolby track. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to parents.

RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2014

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