“Dangerous Men” is an independent film made on a low scale that only grossed $70 in ticket sales. Sadly, the director died in 2007 and never saw what would become of his masterpiece on the arthouse circuit. This hidden gem plays like an amateur take on “Sudden Impact” mixed with the kinda exploitation fare that fuels my engine. A woman is enraged following her fiancee’s murder and she takes upon herself to eradicate all murdering scum. This leads her into a bloody showdown with the goon Black Pepper, but what of the cop stalking her?

Over 80 minutes, you’ll learn that continuity and clarity doesn’t matter in film. What John Rad did in his short time as a director was to cross-breed juvenile film making with dreamlike gestalt film making. This is the kind of film that exists as lightning in a bottle. Any attempt to recreate it would feel phony to the masses, but it could be cut in the exact same way. The entire affair is an oddity that is best experienced than discussed to death. Just know that “Dangerous Men” has my complete approval.


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The Plot Thus Far

DANGEROUS MEN has many characters… like Mina whose life is shattered when two bikers with rape on their minds attack and kill Daniel, her fiancĂ©. Driven by grief, she embarks on a killing rampage, wreaking vengeance upon all the men that she seductively lures into her trap. In her twisted world, cops and killers are all the same – David, Daniel’s brother, is a cop who relentlessly pursues the killers, while facing a nest of drug dealers, followed by the FBI and the police SWAT team, also in hot pursuit. Mina, a victim of violence, carrying a twisted obsession for justice, is caught between opposing forces in a world of dangerous men.


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