“Danger Mouse” is one of those shows that I used to burn through on Nickelodeon and later A&E. I remember a time when Danger Mouse would air twice a day just because Nick didn’t have enough material to air. I learned to love seeing that Thames Animation logo pop up with its easily recognizable musical stinger. Things have changed over the last thirty years. The animation is smoother, the voice acting has changed and the episodes seem shorter.

While doing research, I learned that the episodes I watched as a kid on Nick were usually three British episodes stitched together. The episode lengths in England could vary from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the need in each season. Coming in after the advent of Adult Swim, short run times almost seem necessary. The jokes are told and everything builds to a fine point. I just don’t know how it’s going to play for kids.

My daughter is way too young to enjoy the show other than frog thing is mean to the mouse missing an eye. Jokes fly by way too fast for the Pre-K crowd, but I can see this possibly working for the elementary school set. Out of the first three episodes I got to see early, I couldn’t pick one that stood out most of all. I do appreciate the speed and brevity of the pilot. Modern American shows could take a cue from how to bring distant viewers back into a world.


  • Format: Netflix
  • Season Length: 26 (11 minute) episodes
  • Is It Good?: Yes


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