You’ve seen contestants slim down on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and now it’s your turn. Follow along at home while your favorite dancers demo high-energy routines to help you burn fat, get in shape and have a blast. Pros Kym, Chelsie and Edyta lead three different cardio dance workouts with moves taken straight from the ballroom floor. Learn the signature steps of each routine before progressively adding on to create a complete fat-burning workout.



Kym Johnson leads this routine which is a mixture of many styles of dance such as: Swing, Jazz, Broadway, Charleston, and more. Kym starts off with a very slow fosse move, but the rest of the routine is very high cardio and very much fun to do with moves that include fast kicks and lunges. The cuing is really well done, and most of the moves are broken down to teach but brought up to tempo before the heart rate falters. Some of the moves are definitely a little tricky to master, but this adds a challenge to the workout that isn’t frustrating since it’s just one or two moves. The rest of the routines are standard dance mixes with a decent cooldown built into the mix. Typical for these releases.

I don’t want them to go so slow that my workout is compromised once I learn the entire routine well. Perhaps an added feature where the pros take more time to break down more difficult moves would be helpful to some. Julianne Hough’s dance workouts had that feature. I also don’t want to do a move over and over and over again. I like how they make sure they do the move a few times then build on to that move. I prefer more content as opposed to a bunch of reps of the same move. In one of Julianne’s dances after learning the entire dance you run through it 7 times.

The DVD comes with the ability to draft your own custom routine. There’s also an option to drop the talking and just blast through the music. The A/V Quality is really sharp for a fitness DVD, but don’t expect it to set your home theater on fire. I do wish that some of the audio cues during the workout were a little louder. Oh well, if you need a fitness disc…you could do worse.


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