Getting in shape has never been so much fun! Join the Squad at their famous dance studio as they take you through a series of step-by-step dance routines, each one hosted by a different cheerleader! These routines will transform, tighten and tone your body into its sexiest shape ever. Do one or two segments for a short workout or put the whole program together and Dance It Out!


A half dozen ultra-healthy “Power Squad” members adorned in sequined and numbered bras and actually being quite clear in this flirty cheer-dance DVD. I was recently reading “Candy Girl” by Diablo Cody and it made me think about what’s going on here. The mainstreaming of sexual exploration via the usual teases and other pseudo stripping is kind of amazing. You’ve just got to love that middle America has learned that they can get those perfect abs by showing it all off.

Keep an open mind about the bump, pop, bounce groove and “Mak Attack.” The young women, eschewing game day boots for sneakers, work out on a hardwood floor with blue curtain backdrops and you won’t need props or pompons either. For the men out there, there’s no slips or drops. No one shows too much skin and the hour exercise goes by slowly. Take that for what you will.

The DVD comes with an instructor only audio track for those that find this kind of thing hard to follow. There’s also some alternative exercises and cheer routines. Teenage girls and bottle blondes might dig this, but it would be asking too much for the plus-sized girls out there. That’s why there’s always a box of mallomars with their name on it. Rent it to judge it first.

RELEASE DATE: 10/06/09

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