Crocodile Dundee: Paul Hogan’s hilarious, endearing performance made “Crocodile” Dundee the biggest box-office comedy smash of 1986 as a free spirited Australian who hunts crocodiles with his bare hands and drinks mere mortals under the table. But he’s about to face the ultimate torture test–a trip to New York City. Crocodile Dundee II: Mick and Sue continue where they left off in “‘Crocodile’ Dundee”. New York gangsters are pursuing Sue, so for her safety, Mick takes her back to Oz. When the gangsters follow them, Mick demonstrates his outback skills once more.


“Crocodile Dundee” began America’s brief love affair of everything Australian. I say it’s brief, because it lasted all of three years and its only contribution to American culture was Outback Steakhouse. But, some of you might remember Crocodile Dundee. The man from Oz who came to this in the long, long ago to teach us about knives and playing it safe around reptiles. Paul Hogan got an Oscar nomination for writing and he got to marry the lead actress.

The sequel leaves a lot to be desired. Basically, it’s more of the same as the first one. You get more action in Australia and Sue turns into a damsel in every kind of distress. Paul Hogan seems bored, but he plays up the action more. Still, what about the score from that first flick? That was something, right? Most people don’t even remember it until they start hearing it and it’s just like this throwback Pavlovian thing. The third movie sucks so bad that even Paramount seems to have forgotten about it here.

The Blu-Ray comes with trailers and a featurette for the sequel as the special features. The 1080p transfer is far sharper than I remember seeing during the premium cable HD broadcasts. The DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track is lossless. So, there’s that. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.


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