“The Creeping Garden” was a film that I heard about in passing, but never saw until Arrow primed it for release. Documentaries that use experimental music and focus on primordial slime aren’t exactly crowd pleasers. The talking heads and insane amounts of educational images are quite staggering. But, somewhere between that soundtrack and the quick shifts of the film, it becomes evident that this isn’t going to be in High School science classes for some time. Well, unless your school is progressive.

The film plays short, but it also hits that weirdo itch in my brain. The 1970s used to whip out films like this. Did anyone see The Hellstrom Chronicle? Psychadelic music and editing over crazy insects isn’t that new. That being said, at least we’re getting to see it on a viable format. That’s more than what Saul Bass got.


  • Audio commentary by directors Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp
  • Biocomputer Music, a short film by Grabham on the first biocomputer music system, allowing a two-way musical dialogue between man and slime mould
  • Return to the Fungarium, a featurette revealing further treasures of the fungarium at Kew Gardens
  • Feeding Habits of Physarum, a featurette on the feeding preferences and dislikes of slime moulds
  • Three cinema iloobia short films: Milk (2009), Rotten (2012) and Paramusical Ensemble (2015)
  • Angela Mele’s animated slime moulds
  • Gallery
  • US theatrical trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring two pieces of original artwork
  • THE CREEPING GARDEN SOUNDTRACK [Limited Edition Exclusive]
  • Bonus CD containing the rearranged soundtrack to The Creeping Garden by legendary producer and musician Jim O’Rourke
  • FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector’s booklet containing writing on the film by Jasper Sharp


  • 2.35:1 1080p transfer
  • LPCM 2.0 audio


  • 96%
    Video - 96%
  • 93%
    Audio - 93%
  • 95%
    Supplemental Material - 95%
  • 93%
    Film Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

The Creeping Garden is a feature length documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould.

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