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Piper Perabo plays a smart, overachieving spy missing the stop-digging-yourself-into-a- hole complex. Her character is balanced by a great performance by Christopher Gorham as Auggie, your friendly neighborhood blind tech-guy, a comforting voice in the madness of the “Agency”. To top off the show, you have their boss, a preoccupied career woman used to having to find her own way in a job traditionally held by men: Joan Campbell. “Covert Affairs” is a fresh new spy drama ala Alias, but with a lead that is more the girl next door. This character is a lovable, soft family girl that seamlessly switches to a hard core savvy linguist and spy. The CIA leaders, staff and sidekicks are also very dynamic characters. Her family members are wonderful and validate the secret life persona.

Kicking things off with a simple blind date scenario, we easily get the idea that we’re in store for a new sort of work/home dichotomy with a lot of possibilities. Especially since we stress Annie’s emotional distance as a key positive to her CIA eligibility, and mix it with the quite different reaction of a protective, older sister. Thrown into this mix is another relationship spin the show will throw at us, and it is one that would seem on the road to an equal share of the spotlight, despite the show’s effort to put up Perabo and Gorham as the key faces.

When Annie goes there for dinner, Danielle is trying to fix her up because, of course, no woman should be single for very long. Or at all. Covert Affairs straddles the line between humorous and serious. Which is it? The superb Alias with Jennifer Garner managed to be a campy and action-packed with somewhat believable story-lines. Covert Affairs is an Alias rip-off and at this is Alias-lite. Annie is a capable, talented agent with a gift for languages plucked from the trainees for a special mission. All she has to do is go in with a pre-programmed phone to sync data with an assassin who wants to trade information for safety in the United States. That doesn’t go well and leads to a series of mini-adventures as the new spy tries to figure out what exactly is going on.

“Covert Affairs” is a solid show that can’t escape its weak writing. If the show were to find its pacing for the rest of the season, fans could build a following and ignore a lot of the technical failures. Still, a show doesn’t get a sophomore offering based on the charm of its lead. There needs to be a re-evaluation of what’s being offered. Still, I’ll give it a few more episodes.


Catch it on USA Tuesdays at 10/9C!

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