Comic book Superstar Matthew Dow Smith (The X-Files, Doctor Who) Launches New Illustrated Novel

New York Capital Region author Michael Spring has teamed up with superstar comic book artist Matthew Dow Smith (The X-Files, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sandman) to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of his new book, The Many Deaths of Amanda Wallace: Book One of the EarthJumper Series. The book, the first in a planned trilogy of sci-fi/action novels, follows on the heels of Spring’s Amazon Top 10 Bestseller Bloodsucker Blues: A Vamps in Vegas Story.

The Kickstarter campaign can be viewed at:


Artist Matthew Dow Smith is well known for a long and storied career in comics. He is currently the artist for IDW Comics’ THE X-FILES monthly comic, and before that he was the artist for their DOCTOR WHO series! His past works include Supernatural for Image Comics, Sandman and Starman for DC Comics, and Nightcrawler for Marvel Comics, among others!

Smith will be providing a series of six exclusive illustrations for the book. They will only be available in The Many Deaths of Amanda Wallace! The first full illustration (as well as the book’s cover) can be viewed below.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through June 26th, 2015.

About The Book:

Amanda Wallace is just your average, everyday 19-year-old girl… or so she thinks. That is, until somebody tries to kill her with a powerful weapon — a weapon with technology beyond our world’s.

When she’s rescued by a mysterious stranger named Jack, she discovers that she’s the target of a mad genius; a man who is hell-bent on killing every version of Amanda Wallace throughout the multiverse. On thousands of alternate earths, he is hunting down and killing each and every version of Amanda Wallace.

Amanda and Jack go on the run, trying desperately to stay alive while finding a way to defeat the madman who’s hunting them. It’s a journey that will take them not only across our earth, but to other earths as well.

With a mix of action, sci-fi, humor, pop culture affection, and thrills, The Many Deaths of Amanda Wallace is the first Young Adult Novel For Grown Ups. It will fit nicely alongside books like The Hunger Games, as it’s written to be read and enjoyed by everyone from teenagers to adults.


Author Michael Spring is available for interviews at 518-334-6426 or [email protected]

Follow Mike Spring on Facebook at: and on Twitter at

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