“Comfort Eating with Nick Cave” is a semi-digest sized cookbook for those Punk rock culinary start-ups. Unfortunately, the recipes require a working knowledge of kitchen warfare. If you’re not terribly familiar with eyeballing ingredients or know your way around the Whole Foods, you might be lost at points. If that’s the case, then you’re probably not the target audience for the book. That being said, I’m not sure how many of these recipes are truly Nick Cave inspired.

I like to imagine that Nick Cave is being used as more of our Red Right Handed spirit animal. Cave takes our hand through a landscape of culinary delights that make Vegan cooking sound far less disgusting to me. I’m Captain Carnivore over here and the book is winning me over. Let’s see how this line of cooking treats Morrissey.


Illustration: Automne Zingg

Recipes: Joshua Ploeg

Publisher: Microcosm


  • 94%
    Book Score - 94%

The Plot Thus Far

Poor Nick Cave. Life is hard for him and there are many hurdles to deal with every day. And like all of us, Nick is human. In these pages, Mr. Cave finds healthy ways to feed his sorrows, with gusto, whether he’s eating a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a tofu dog, peanut butter from the jar, spicy potato chips, or licking the frosting bowl. “Get inside of me,” he passionately tells a slice of pizza. And when you are ready to enter his psyche, there’s Nick’s favorite Rice Krispies Treats recipe to get inside of you, including, of course, “twelve tears for flavor.” No matter what he’s chowing down on, it’s comforting to witness Nick and his comforts.

We all know someone who needs the comforts of Nick Cave as much as they need Comfort Eating with Nick Cave. So the next time they are sobbing to Dumb and Dumber or Scream 2 with a container of chocolate chip cookie dough soy ice cream in their lap, hand them a copy of this cookbook and we’ll all shed a tear together.

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