Despite his tragic death in 2005, Comedy Central Records will be releasing the final comedy album from Mitch Hedberg, Do You Believe in Gosh on September 9th.


Here is a little bit of background on the record:


“Do You Believe in Gosh” is the long-awaited third album from the comedy icon, Mitch Hedberg, set for release on COMEDY CENTRAL Records on Tuesday, September 9.

Recorded two months prior to his death, the album contains nearly 40 minutes of previously unreleased stand-up material. The CD captures most of the material Hedberg was working on for what would have been his next full-length album in a free-form show with a large amount of audience interaction.  The album pulses with Hedberg’s inimitable wit and spirit and is a document of a comedy master.

Mitch Hedberg was one of the most beloved comedians and world renown for his off-kilter one-liners and inimitable style.  He died in March of 2005 with nearly an album’s worth of new material he was preparing to record later that October.  While he never got a chance to record the album as he wanted, “Do You Believe In Gosh?” was taped live just prior to his passing and captures a large portion of his new jokes.






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