Color of Magic / The Hogfather

The Hogfather feat

Color of Magic was the first Discworld book, but it was about the 19th adaptation. Playing well with genre favorite Sean Astin, we get to see the roots of where this fantasy parody began. Jokes are fun, but there was an artful attempt at creating a living and breathing world here. Truly enjoyable all around.

The Hogfather 1

The Hogfather is the Discworld Christmas Spectacular. The Auditors of Reality want to get rid of their Santa Claus, but too much of their society depends on him. What follows is a mad cap romp that allows Michelle Dockery to showcase her early stardom. It’s a fun premise, but one that ultimately falls flat for non Brits.

The Blu-ray comes with no special features. I could’ve used something for The Hogfather.

Color of Magic / The Hogfather is now available!

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